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Insigne and Gonzalez I’m in the process of putting up a website about U.S. Filipino periodicals in the early 20th century, their influence on the emerging Filipino American literature (or what would later be called “Filipino-American” by the post-WWII generation of writers) of the Depression era, and their migrating communities of writers and editors. I’ll be working with Denise Enck, multi-talented writer and webdesigner, who also runs Empty Mirror Books (and has designed websites for poets Michael McClure, Ted Joans, and many other writers and artists). Looking forward to this!

The faded photograph to the left is of Manuel Insigne in the straw hat and Venerando Gonzalez with eyeglasses, publishers and editors of the early Mail-Advertiser (which would become the long-lived Philippines Mail) newspaper, published in Salinas, CA in the area of what is now known as Salinas Chinatown. The photo appeared in the October 1, 1935 issue of the Mail-Advertiser.

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