small is big

Eileen Tabios’ Silk Egg, a collection of tiny novels will soon be published by Shearsman Books, and I look forward to reading it. Interesting title. An egg contains a life, in miniature. And a silk egg…? And there she goes, making fun of ___________. Pilandok strikes again!

This reminds me of my once-upon-a-time project to write a series of tiny gothic novels. Or maybe that was tiny horror novels. In any case, one tiny gothic novel, and one tiny horror novel were published in a journal of speculative poetry, Sidereality. And then I gave up. Perhaps I didn’t have the nerve, especially after the card I pulled from Edward Gorey’s Fantod deck turned out to be death by drowning after attack by leeches. One has to have a certain kind of stamina and vision in order to write novels, even if they’re tiny; and this is something Eileen has in spades.