how pedestrian

How Pedestrian brings poetry to random places. See their current video on High Finance and Haiku. The following is a quote from their Manifesto page:


How Pedestrian is a video blog that seeks to make poetry more accessible to the general public.

We go out into the street regularly to bribe and beg people to read poems on video. We post one video a day, Monday to Thursday. We use poems by famous and not-so-famous poets alike. We use absurd poems and funny poems and sometimes even sexy poems. We hope this helps move poetry out of bourgeois sitting rooms (do those even exist anymore?) and back into the pubs and taxis where it belongs.

Extended Manifesto

Our basic idea is to invade everyday spaces with verse, making it, in a concrete sense, a part of everyday life. I suppose the question here is: if we literally take poetry to the street, can we figuratively make it something more ‘pedestrian’?

And now it occurs to me that one of the poems I collaborated in for the Chained Hay(na)ku anthology project, specifically, the one that involved my co-workers, was also an exploration of making poetry…more “pedestrian,” in the positive sense that the poem was produced in the midst of a “work-related meeting” (a rather unusual one, I’ll admit, which also happened to involve, among other things, feng shui, a violin and guitar concert, and a history lecture using experimental sculpture & a comedy routine).