newspaper trade

Spent much of yesterday making revisions to my dissertation and photographing heads and front pages from Depression era Filipino newspapers published in Central California. What’s the effect on an emerging literature that is published initially and primarily within the pages of minority newspapers, whose editors collaborate on each other’s periodicals, and migrate seasonally to follow the crops and the Alaska fishing season?

P-Mail Salinas Canete attack
Philippines Mail newspaper, published Salinas, 1930s – report of vigilante attack on Filipino Labor Camp, which was burned down.

The Filipino Student V.1 No.1
Filipino Student magazine, published in Berkeley, 1912.


  1. can’t wait to see the final book form, jean! i’ve been talking to Titania a lot lately about her mom, Thelma — there must be tons of news coverage about her during her time. very fascinating!

  2. Thanks Gladys! They’re fascinating to me too. Really, my research is on just a small bit. So much more can be done…

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