dawac storytelling

After a lovely evening of Dawac storytelling by manang Betty, more stories, and jamming with friends in Sonoma, I’m trying to return to the daily schedule of finishing up the diss (main chapters drafted — but still tying up loose ends), and just — you know, the stuff of life…. The sun is actually out here today; I was getting used to one round after another of gloomy, cool days. And now I’m reminded that this is actually summer.


  1. Thanks, Leny…will definitely talk more w/you about the book.

    Tarot..After about 3 years here, I should know better than to expect a lot of sunny days during summer!

  2. thanks for coming, Jean. i wish we had more time to talk. let’s do it soon. let me know what you think of the book. your presence and insight is much appreciated.

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