issuu digital publishing & “this be the town”

I wanted to find out what can be done with the flash publishing platform, issuu, so I joined (free) and browsed through the chapbooks section. I’m pretty impressed, by both the chapbook and issuu. Here, for example, is This Be the Town: an Oakland Word Chapbook, edited by Kenji C. Liu, with Oscar Bermeo and Amir Rabiyah. Go to top left and click on “fullscreen” to get a stable reading screen. Then click on the right “arrow” to flip the pages.

I have to say, however, that I still don’t get a sense of “deep reading” in the way I do from having a print book. The books published on issuu and other similar venues are beautiful. I seem to read everything online at an informational level. But the reading process online (on computer — it may be different on an e-reader) disrupts me from having the close reading experience that I think literature demands.