geometry and plan of action

Uphill Gracie

* The girl runs straight down the lane toward home
* The boy crosses my lawn diagonally
* Goats, standing on the shed roof pivot and stare, as I drive past
* In the park, we cross the big lawn diagonally, then turn left up the hill
* Whatever large animal is crashing through the brush does it parallel to the edge
* I remember that there are cougars in these hills; they make decisions, based on size and vulnerability of prey
* Whatever was crashing through the brush becomes silent
* In the distance, a small gray cat hunkers down and plans an escape route
* We walk under the oak tree, then turn at a right angle, walking down toward the giant sycamore
* Dog stops (A), then runs straight forward, change to a left curve to meet gray cat (B)
* Cat leaps hard left across a stream; suddenly turns at an angle, races toward and past me (C)
*Dog stumbles into stream, stares in the direction she just came from (C), gives up.