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A lot of Filipinos I know would view vegan Filipino cuisine as just blasphemy. And I understand, I really do — after all, what is Filipino food without the fat? (Actually, there’s plenty of Filipino food without the fat; you just have to head south, and to the coastal areas). Besides, there are way too many diabetics in my family. So I for one welcome a vegan Filipino restaurant called “No Worries” in Oakland, and plan to visit next time I’m there.

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  1. finally, i might have a veggie lumpia! i have a couple of filipina co-workers who are excellent cooks and for special occassions will make a barrel-full of lumpia but when i ask if maybe they could stuff a couple with everything but the pork or fish i get blank stares. that ain’t lumpia?! they tell me. and one time anna and i were at a party and i was told by the mother of the host that she made special vegetarian lumpia just for us, i eagerly dove in and came up with a mouthful of fish! okay, i get it, her thoughts were that fish was okay vegetarian fare as long as the flesh didn’t once walk on four hooves, and that the mere thought of filipino cuisine without meat is utterly out of the question, but couldn’t there be a recipe or two that didn’t involve pork or fish and i know i’m rambling but back in my carniverous days i really, really, really loved lumpia and i think i could love it still if it didn’t come cooked with flesh. okay?!

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