hay(na)ku! a postcard!

Recently, I received an hay(na)ku postcard from the poet Ernesto Priego, who is located in London. The postcard contained a lovely babaylan hay(na)ku. You can see it at the postcard project blog, here.

Since Ernesto’s poem is about “miracle women” and healing, and Ernesto is from Mexico, which reminds me of all things border-wise, I thought it would be nice to position it near a painting of a special woman by a talented friend, Cruz Ortiz Zamarron, a Chicano artist who crosses borders, poetically, in his paintings.

This painting is of Califa (or Calafia), the Amazonian warrior queen, whose image is sometimes used for the mythical queen goddess of California. In this painting, however, she is sitting upon a giant armadillo, and holding a bow. A quiver of arrows is slung across a shoulder. It’s a relatively “calm” painting for an artist whose work is often full of vibrant colors that seem in motion. See another painting of his here. He has also done papier mache sculpture. The cross in the upper left corner signifies the painter, Cruz. He is a wonderful artist, whose work and dedication to the arts–despite some difficult physiological issues–I’ve always admired.