the stars

Just returned from Las Vegas, where I didn’t gamble a penny. What fun is it, anyway, if you can no longer hear the clink and rattle of coins emerging from the slot machines? The days of analog gambling are over. So I passed through the noisy gambling dens without pausing.

I did, however, see a lightning/thunderstorm from the 14th floor of the hotel.

And I saw a real pigeon (I think) fly through the real air, under the unreal skies of an unreal Venice; and watched an unreal statue of an Italian patrician with the kind eyes of a dancer come to real life, and reach out to touch the hand of a tourist.

I realized that there are many dancers (and painters and singers) in Las Vegas, and they are not all strippers. And the strippers are beautiful too.

I saw two men pummel and wrestle each other, and finish the job off with a deep kiss.


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