verbs of the day

kissing. a lot of kissing going on here. lots
drinking. hot tea loosens histamine spillover thick in the throat.
breaking. putting on the break, then jumping out of the car
jumping. my dog needs to get the other dog. my dog jumps out the open car window.
fetching. dog, stunned from finding out what happens when you jump from a moving car.
walking. dog walking slowly, still stunned, but not broken. i hope.
driving. driving to salinas to have more tea. to write.
typing. writing about food again. being paid to write about food.
learning. i learn about molcajete. i learn about nan goldin. i learn about surveillance art.
watching. through the window; homeless woman wears hoodie labeled “DEARTH.”
listening. tape of LBJ giving a speech about Martin Luther King’s death.
comparing. dearth. death.
clipping. surreptitiously clipping dog’s toenail while she’s recuperating from a fall.
stressing. dog does not want me to clip toenails. she’s sore from jumping out the car window. leave me alone she says.