a meal dreamed up by octavia butler

For sci-fi fans, and especially you Octavia Butler fans, we have here a dinner straight out of Butler’s Adulthood Rites, specifically Chapter III, Chkahichdahk, in the series, Lilith’s Brood. OK it’s not exactly the same–the plantains are missing, and the melon has sweet green flesh, rather than orange–but pretty close, I think. The nuts are oven roasted filberts, and the beans are aduki with corn, spiced up with cumin and cayenne, among other things. A simple but very tasty vegetarian meal, especially for those undergoing metamorphosis, cooked by Michael Fink.

Lilith's Brood Meal

And here’s some text excerpted from Chapter III to go with it:

Tino ate a corn and bean dish and had beside him a sliced melon with sweet orange flesh and dishes of fried plantains and roasted nuts. He was, Dichaan thought, paying more attention to his food than to what Dichaan was saying.

“Tino, listen to me!”

“I hear.” The man swallowed and licked his lips. “He’s twenty,” ‘Chaan. If he weren’t showing some independence by now, I would be the one who was worried.”

“No.” Dichaan rustled his tentacles. “His Human appearance is deceiving you. His twenty years are like. . . like twelve Human years. Less in some ways. he isn’t fertile now. He won’t be until his metamorphosis is complete.”

What’s your favorite literary meal? Let me know. . .