Stephanie Syjuco on counterfeiting

You may know of Filipina artist Stephanie Syjuco’s community counterfeiting operation; she got a group of people together to knit or crochet counterfeit brand name bags, then sold them at steep discounts. The journey continued, as she explored the process of counterfeiting well-known works of modern art.

I can’t help but think of the irony of Syjuco’s art, since the Philippines has long had a reputation as a country that is prolific at producing knock-offs of brand name commercial products and fake artifacts. But I love the dialogue that she’s inspiring about how value is ascribed to such objects.

See her “Things, Thingys, Thingies” HERE.

My handmade versions of over seventy objects designed by users of the free 3-D modeling program Google SketchUp exist somewhere between the bootleg, the copy, and the translation. Modeled from online designs that seem to lack value or utility, these strange objects explore the handmade in the digital-era of design, uniqueness found even within the copy, and collaboration’s relationship to outsourcing, as well as labor, authorship, and value.–Stephanie Syjuco.