Marsh Hawk Review, Spr. 2011

Marsh Hawk Review’s online journal for Spring 2011 is now available — edited by Eileen Tabios. Poets in this issue include Barry Schwabsky, Susan M. Schultz, Mark Young, Guillermo Parra, Mark Lamoureaux, Sheila Murphy, John Curley, Lynn Behrendt, Bruce Covey, Tamiko Beyer, Aileen Ibardaloza, Daniel Morris, Anny Ballardini, Paul Pines, Michael Leong, Rebecca Loudon, Anne Gorrick, and myself. Marsh Hawk Review is an online poetry journal sponsored by the Marsh Hawk Press Collective. Marsh Hawk Review will appear twice a year, under the revolving editorship of collective members. Here’s a URL for the Marsh Hawk Press.