Empty Seed Bag, Ragged Edge of Rain

Sitting at my desk, looking at the ragged edge of rain clouds approaching over the hill. I need to fill the finches’ empty seed bag. But for now, it gives the juncos a reprieve. The tinier, but aggressive, yellow-breasted finches tend to push out the juncos when the finch bag (positioned beneath the larger bird seed dispenser) is full.

I watch the boy, Javi, wheel the trashcans back to their place under the oak tree. School is out for 4 days. Daylight Savings always upsets my biorhythm, and I tend to sleep and wake at odd hours for at least 3 weeks after.

I have work to do. I’m procrastinating mightily. But I will get to it.

seed bag
ragged edge of

black husks
in a lily

of water
and bird shit