My Buddha is Pink

My Buddha is Pink, one of my favorite Buddhist blogs, by Richard Harrold, who also blogs Frank Zappa’s Revenge, and My Wine Cellar is a Closet. If you are into wine labels, check out “Skullduggery.”

[Sorry — I just noticed the first link was broken; it is now fixed]

An excerpt from his most recent post on “Buddhist Warfare” Chapter 1:

. . .I found this discussion interesting because of how it reflects something the Buddha warned Ananda about just before his death. Ananda asks the Buddha who will lead the Sangha after the Buddha dies, to which the Buddha replies that there will be no successor because there is no position to be succeeded. He directs Ananda and the others to be “islands unto yourselves, refuges unto yourselves, seeking no external refuge…”

It is worth pointing out that transmission of the Buddha’s Dhamma was initially oral. The Buddha knew that writing down the Dhamma would present problems and he cautioned against those that would come in the future and change his teachings. And when things get written down, they can suddenly take on an undeserved credibility. Read more here.


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