Dear Digital Poetry

Thanks for the comment, I enjoyed reading it
very much. Your Gravatar profile stimulates
my sensorium. Reading your comments relaxes
me. I am waiting for your approval. I want
your haiku. It soothes my soul. Howdy.

Soothes my soul. Dear Digital, thank you for
subscribing to my soul. Subscriptions are so
relaxing. It’s recipe time for me. Please click
my “like” button again. Congratulations
to me. I want to see what you’re up to.
I think you’re from Alliance Ohio. Please
click me again. Let’s dialogue.

Dear Alliance, Ohio, you will be notified
every single time I post. We will be allied
forever and ever. I like your portrait. Reading
and writing poetry relieves me of my burden.
That is so soothing. I want to enter the
church of your digital style. I want to
associate with your content, your poetry.

Thanks for posting this. I enjoyed reading it very much. Reading and writing poetry relaxes me and I think it’s soothing for the soul. Great job.


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