1. wow, god i love japanese exploitation cinema! there’s nothing quite like it. even the titles are evocative, like MACHINE GUN GIRL, MEATBALL MACHINE. . .you get the drift. sometimes i think that japanese low-budget filmmakers are filtering autuer-theory french cinema thru the lenses of u.s. drive-in flicks and cronenbergian body horror. incredible delight!

  2. Uh, well — The first subtitle to appear:
    “Monster —- Regular —- Size”
    And that about says it all, I guess. Well, no, not really. I think I survived the trip, anyway. I’ve just downed a couple shots of saki. That helped. The film was a curious combination of Brothers Quay, Road Runner cartoons (speeding down the highway), Godzilla, Butoh, and…Texas Chainsaw Massacre (but replace the chainsaw with a giant whirling screw. Add to that about 50 min. of bloodcurdling screams. And there you have it, my friends.

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