Frozen dew whitens the lawn and field. I’ve got both heaters going. The dog is restless this morning (that’s an understatement), after being lethargic and sleepy for several weeks. She follows me all over the house. Her shoulders tremble with an unidentified palsy, possibly having to do with the back injury, possibly having to do with the meds for Addison’s disease. We don’t know. The vet doesn’t know. $295 office visit.

“The Bomb Buried In Obamacare Explodes Today — Hallelujah!” Forbes, etc. FB, etc. Twitter. A game-changer warranting ALL CAPS sharing. Prove it to me. There she goes again, into the livingroom. Who cares about dogs and cats, times like these.

Here she comes again, up to me. Bumping her nose against my knee. Gurgly intake of breath, signaling frustration. Maybe a walk. But it’s damn cold out there. Asthma-inducing cold. I line up my own meds. Now she’s under my desk, looking out at the world from there. I wonder what she sees through her slowly clouding corneal lenses. Maybe ghosts.