Life as notation. we make our own news, supply evidence. This is the public life, attaching tags, Easter eggs. Reshaping the private (acquaintances, friends, family, work).

Hard toll. The blood. The light in your eyes. upon your lips. to run out to the glade in. A red, wet. In every way. You. Angels of God. Hand in hand. Dear Old. They gossip about us. And the garland crowns___the Captain of the reapers. The battle of the field is now stoutly fought. And the proud rye must stoop to the sickle.

Diaryo, diario, diary, daily, dailies, news, a new thing, nouvelles, tidings. The archivist hoards news and fetishizes…events (the re-telling, re-porting (“an account brought by one person to another, rumor…reportare “carry back,” from re- “back” + portare “to carry,”) dates, and the media itself in its degenerating state. Paper turning brown, thin. The layers of rumor, spots of ink, poems. Twitter feeds appearing, shuttled down and out of sight.

The archivist knows that past news is a fantasm, a made up thing—but assists in the illusion, to hold together a particular view of the world, or out of fear of certain actions repeated.