Summer 2012

…and the aftermath of heavy community involvement is not always what one expects. Having come down with Bell’s palsy, I am not feeling or looking very sociable (in the face-to-face sense), so I have decided to settle into a long summer of writing (as much as possible) and working (editing & writing), and watching movies from Netflix. A quiet summer, mostly. Healing.

I recently watched several fun foreign films that I’d like to recommend:

1) Troll Hunter: the Norwegian version of  “Blair Witch Project” (!) — I think this is kid-watchable, though.

2) Rare Exports: a Christmas Tale: A Finnish film in which native Sami hunters track down the evil Santa Claus. Note: I do NOT recommend this for children.

3) Time Crimes: A very clever puzzle of a Spanish film about a guy who finds himself in a time-travel mess.

Other stuff I’ve been doing:

— working on a novel involving carnival queens, swatches of fabric, mysterious masonry, handwritten letters, and ocean-crossings.

— collaborating w/Michael on a 24-piece project (poems, paintings, digital images) called Parallel Words.

— writing applications for a couple of fellowships

— writing an essay on the community exhibit I was recently involved in.

— some poems of mine will soon appear in the journal Perihelion (Web del Sol), edited by Dion Farquhar and Jim Maughn.


  1. Thanks, Richard. Troll Hunter was fun… I didn’t have trolls in my house, but there were other things…


  2. some very fine films, jean. TROLL HUNTER is quite a treat. i am half-norwegian, my maternal grandmother hails from bergen, who always had trolls in her house. scariest damn things you could ever see.

    be well, jean. your plans for summer is my idea of paradise.


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