Quiet Day

A quiet day of writing and painting (while Michael is baking bread), as the fog rolls in on our sunny day, and the old oaks breathe mist. I just agreed to write a review (or engagment?) of Lew Welch’s Ring of Bone for Galatea Resurrects. If you are interested, there are still a number of books left on the list for reviewers.  Listening to a track for “Silent Hill” on Pandora.

Below is a photo of one of the ancient oaks on the property. The mowers came the other day, and cut all the field grass, allowing us to walk farther out and explore the areas around and under the trees. You can just barely see Michael in the distance, lower right, which gives you a sense of the scale of the tree.

I do love the oaks here, despite the hayfever they cause me. Some are quite immense, with great gnarley branches reaching out for yards over the ground. Through the centuries, their leafy canopies have sheltered thousands (millions?) of birds and other creatures.


  1. John: Eileen will be sending me the copy, so I’ll review whichever one it is. Hoping it’s the new, but I will take a good look at both before I write.


  2. Hi, Jean. I assume your review of Lew is going to be of the new CIty Lights ed. Is there any difference between that and the old ed except for the Snyder stuff at the front and the essay at the back. I looked thru the TOC and didn’t see anything, but … I will buy the new ed. in a minute if they’ve added or changed anything in the poems.

    I look forward to your review.


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