Slow day

WordPress now has a “reblog” function
for Chrissake. For those slow weeks
I guess. Today was slow. The best
two things that happened were 1) instant
messaging with M., who is somewhere
sunny, until he returns to this misty
vale (by the slough), and 2) the soup
I cooked today, vegetable soup. Every-
thing else was, well, slow. Seemingly

I’m using the shift-return to create
line breaks for poetry. Because why
write in utter prose when you can write
at least a semi-poetic line. Or at least
attempt it.

This week I watched two documentaries:
“City Dreams” (about 5 women artists in NY)
which was decent, but maybe not long
enough; and before that, I saw “The Parking
Lot Movie,” which was great. Who would’ve
thought that a documentary about a bunch
of dudes working as parking lot attendants
would be even slightly interesting? But
it was.

What else? I wondered about Richard Aoki
and the Black Panthers, and thought
about the sixties and the Strawberry
. Two of my friends have
cancer, and that thought is hard
to shake. I could’ve painted today,
but didn’t. Instead, at around 11 p.m.
I started writing this.