Perihelion: A Journal of Poetry

Happy to say that I will be “Editor-at-Large” for the next issue of Perihelion: A Journal of Poetry, on staff with Dion Farquhar, Jim Maughn, and M.A. Fink. Their current issue focuses on Santa Cruz poets (see an excerpt from the introduction, below):

Santa Cruz, California is a place of convergences. Here the Central Coast Range meets the Pacific Ocean, the San Francisco Bay Area meets the Southern California coast, the new economies of Silicon Valley and service tourism meet the fishing and farming economies that preceded them. So, too, do differing poetic communities converge here in Santa Cruz. Poetry Santa Cruz, an influential, independent organization has showcased what roughly might be called “mainstream” poetry for many years, to great effect. The University of California, Santa Cruz, as well as the shoestring A New Cadence Poetry Series, out of the downtown’s Felix Kulpa Gallery, garner diverse audiences for the challenging Language-derived (sometimes…) work that is often unsatisfactorily called experimental, or innovative, poetry. There is a thriving open-mic and slam scene, here, as well (both on and off campus).

Santa Cruz is a place where the diverse, sometimes contentious world of contemporary American poetry circulates in microcosm. This pluralism of clash and coexistence is what constitutes Santa Cruz’s poetry scenes, and it drives this issue of Perihelion, the first under the editorship of Dion Farquhar and James Maughn. We aim, in this issue, to embrace the contradictions these poetries perform–of gift and power, of abjection and death, of circulation, connection, and commitment to language. That sharing is what makes poetry communities work—a complex mix of the prescriptive, proscriptive, an always-already pluralist compromise.

The theme of the upcoming 2013 issue will be announced soon.