The revelatory operations…

As an artist, poetry and visual art are only meaningful to me if they involve a process of mystery and revelation, whether beautiful or otherwise. This can’t happen without a sense of risk, of facing the blank page.

Image: “The Celestial Army” by Max Ernst

“The revelatory operations of the chance encounter lie at the heart of le merveilleux (“the marvelous”)—the Surrealist conception of beauty. You find something marvelous in the world (an object, an image, a person, a place) that corresponds, like a piece clicking into a puzzle, to a deep inner need.

Image: “Magic Journey” by Rodel Tapaya

…and this (after a discussion of the ubiquity of “strange” images on the internet):

These experiences are still available to us whenever we choose to seek them. If images are losing their meaning and we care about the loss, then take steps to recapture their meaning. Why do we feel we have to expose ourselves to so many unchosen influences that only deplete and demoralize us? Turn away, look elsewhere, fix on something of genuine private significance instead. The re-enchantment of the ordinary and obsolete has always been a vital project of Surrealism. The movement’s abiding concerns are those of anyone with senses peeled open to the non-market-defined possibilities of living. — both excerpts by Rick Poyner, “Slicing open the eyeball: Rick Poyner on surrealism and the visual unconscious.”

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