Problem with paycheck, which changes the whole landscape of December.
I am surprised that I still receive Christmas cards, but I do, and appreciate them.
So much of my life is facing the computer today. Good morning/night, computer; I have dressed the screen in Mandelbrot fractals.

This is life in the country:

Tree trimmers and cutters
Broken pieces of honeycomb scattered around a burrow entrance
Watching the goats age, get bigger, stronger, wilier
Foreclosures (next door, down the road)
Deaths (neighbors, animals)
Crow wars
Raptor wars
Muscle cars
SUVs are alive and well
A neighbor gives us spiny chayote, which grows draped over his trees
The rooster, on the other side of the field, sounds like a cat

I did not step outside today. I peered at the tree trimmers through the blinds.
I did not paint
I did not write in my notebook
I did not read about Louis Zukofsky
I did not read about Gertrude Stein.

Read a poem entitled “Looney Bin Basketball,” by Mary Karr.
Corrected papers, and informed students about APA in-text citation.

Someone called to say “I love you.” And I gave love back.

Random lines from my bookshelf:

What do I smell    but the perfume of transience
Crushed calyxes   rotting phloems

               ---Marilyn Chin, From "Beautiful Boyfriend."