Monday 12/31

* skipped Friday, Saturday, and Sunday
* happy after selling the third painting in a week
* learning how to package things properly for USPS
* owls hooting last night
* watched “Heroic Trio” last night and mention it here, even if that’s cheating
* in any case, there are no hard and fast rules
* make up the rules on the fly
* for example, today must use asterisks
* and I am not finished with today

* Forgot to mention a purchase of clay paint (arboet) and a packet of red umber #216 pigment for mixing with walnut oil, but not to eat.

* short story in Paris Review, “peaks as blue as oxygen-starved lips…”
* tentative plans to visit Bolinas
* harbor post office not open
* old Japanese schoolhouse in Castroville; who broke the window?
* cirrus clouds mean rain
* sessions at w. 54th arrives, yoyo ma, etc.
* do you call this a poem? news? prose? post?
* unconscious of the sound of words, mostly
* does the ear lose its interest in sound?
* words as speech; remember the rolling r?

Random lines from my bookshelf:
“She would get up and after a breakfast that she would eat wandering around the house slowly, she would begin the work.” — Michael Ondaatje, The Collected Works of Billy the Kid.