Tuesday 1/1/2013

By all accounts Tuesday was a twinkle
in the eye of the Iris
belly full
of cheese-y biscuits
    Walk out to Monastery beach
    meet painters

pack-in gear
tripod stools, paintboxes
burnt umber and phthalocyanine
blue (redshade), cerulean, and what-not;
saran-wrapped palette

Nordic tourists 
comment freely in
the wind and opal light
against Frog Rock;
    slays me

I sit on the meme bench;
    this has happened before
    mist, Point Lobos, blackrocks

sooner or later I come to you,
come to you,

    turkey vulture wheeling above
in gorgeous flight

Random lines from my bookshelf:

“With gratitude, she observed the mother and daughter walk away.
When she saw them pause to hug each other, she noticed the sky
was blue, the sun shining and a new waitress on duty.”

— Eileen Tabios, “The Secret of Her Happiness,” from Reproductions of the Empty Flagpole.