Saturday 1/5/2013

First, it was all about flight,
a flying toy that inspired
an obsession

      reaching out, then
      retreat, sublimation

to dream

"hookworms for sale," possible cure
for hayfever

"lots and lots of mouse studies"

        the problem of the day, however---

solutions, attack cells, foreign


look at the size of that one

"you do something for the worm, the worm
does something for you"

                treatment inspired by Truffaut's
L'Enfant sauvage

It is late afternoon on a saturday;
any saturday will do
after a large meal
(a good one)

           but still a sense of slippage---

the light dims, tonight a Quantum of Solace
or other rough balm

Random lines from my bookshelf:

The warnings were mostly predictable ones---the ten or so commandments
of washeteria use. No loitering. No foreign coins please. Do not leave
clothes unattended. Do not sit on washers. Do not dye in these machines. 
The only surprises on the list were a group of Apartment For Rent's 
and one Help Wanted.

---Charles Casey Martin, from "The Soapbox," Quarry West 21