Thursday 1/10/2013

Soundtrack chorus bellows desperate 
measures, what time it is
what day it is
how shall we gauge

Sturm und Drang,
a falling chorus
raising flags, O!


                although, now I think of it
quick balancing act
                it's about water
                about heat, many littles
many adjustments
to the body
the politic
(tiny saxophones)
billy goats

kernals of earth

Let me go back to the beginning
so much I've missed shuttling
back and forth among us chickens

---It started with the iPod 
and the White Arcades

then there were emails
in the meantime the temperature

dropped, the dogs began barking,
howling the earth tilted until

a cup of latte and a biscotti
later hushpuppy faced down

monsters of the frozen undone

Random lines from my bookshelf:

ation ends in both train and traction a tossed coin a
back and forewarned motion   mycology
                                   is destiny

--James Maughn, "san," from Kata.