Sunday, January 13, 2013

Mostly lacking in verbal skills
tonight. What can I say. Except
for the locked bathroom, it was
a good day.

One minute to midnight. But earlier

                        a blue star

above Dolan Road.

                       and you said

probably Sirius.

                          oh yes

the dog star that dwarfs 
our sun, but at 2.6 parsecs 
from earth, seems tiny

and there it is.

Random lines from my bookshelf:

Y en el fondo del agua magna,
como el circulo de la tierra,
está la gigante anaconda
cubierta de barros rituales,
devoradora y religiosa.

And deep in the huge waters
the enormous anaconda lies
like the circle around the earth,
covered with ceremonies of mud,
devouring, religious.

---Pablo Neruda, from "Algunas Bestias," 
("Some Beasts") in Canto General
(trans. James Wright)