Monday, 1/14/2013

Beginning with leaf blowers and tree trimmers
and workers treading the roof is not so

bad, even after the leak was discovered in 
the pipes (the leak that has been creating

a mud hole/sump in the field, that is, the front
yard. Even with the water turned off. Again.

And the workers are digging what looks like
a grave, in this lovely rural place, watched 
by the ancient oaks and the squirrels.

And the job (my job) is not so bad, could be 
worse, etc. Yet I can't help but fantasize 
and/or dread various options. It's the options 
that get me.

Random lines from my bookshelf:

I cannot believe any catastrophe could be as damp
as this pond. friends, hearken to the trains fading
into astonishing distances, inventing a past that 
will swallow the cheesy hope framing America's
conquest. Walden Pond has been fenced in to make a
sweet place where family and friends can relax.
when the monstrous benthic beast resumes its search,
climbing from the water with dripping approach, the
crowds will yawn thru all the hot weekend.

-- Allen Bramhall, "Monstrous Walden" from Walden Book