Friday 1/18/2013

Drove down the hill for a latte
cowboys riding their horses
along Elkhorn Rd.

one dappled beauty made 
to prance
like a woman on stilettos

      honestly i've had it
with the country
damn your cowboys  rodeos!
      yeah keep telling yourself that     
      sitting in traffic on 80 E.
      and the Maze

The only local news
       prediction of high tides
       raising the stink from
                 Moonglow Dairy
This in-house life, 
wind-chimes weather report
"stiff little breeze out there"

       on the bed we tumble
       play like cats

flatbed rattle on the driveway
email determines action (third

or interior propulsion
a "poetics"     you are punching
                the bread
"the materials"
"the body"
"the line"

Because there's more to say

Now I realize: haven't heard
the chickens, the roosters crow


gauge temp, turn on heater
what are they doing out there
"accuracy"  "context"

it's not over yet, this day

you read me a story
about mistaken identity

the bread was good


Random lines from my bookshelf:

The rain is a cool breath, as the eye is a pool, as the
letters are like drops of water, or the sound of a drop of
circles drifting from center to distant point.

--- Trane DeVore, "16." series/mnemonic