Saturday 1/19/2013

The meeting was earlier than I thought
woke up to "an hour late!" rushed out

the meeting room damnably cold
post-meeting debrief at donut shop

bland mint tea

and later in the parking lot
"we need some new blood"

on 101, the news I've now

half the day gone when I got home
that's how it went; kink in my neck

the walk didn't loosen. Still, discovered
those little mounds of oak duff 

are where the mushrooms push up. Some
Clitocybes perhaps, or Russulas
                 wouldn't mind some Blewits
to eat
    the air almost balmy, one rooster's
shrill, teenaged voice announcing puberty

from behind the farm house. 

                            Dinner was fine: 
chicken w/mushrooms, long beans, tomatoes, red
wine, cashews, and rice; thank you for that
we go off the veg twice a week
                    and the day is no loss
Sunday rolls around
I'll try again

Random lines from my bookshelf:

                             And he ate no animal food and
he wore nothing made of animal skin. blood seemed to him of
consequence. His feeling was, that man has no right to use any-
thing but what, like a crop or the wool of a sheep, can grow
again---like trees can grow, if top soil is not the price paid for
cutting a stand off, as war cuts off men after their mothers can
bear again. 

--- Charles Olson, "Appolonius of Tyana," Selected Writings