Monday, 1/21/2013

closeted kind of day
working inside, hearing voices
of neighbors home for MLK, sorting
through the stuff
             in their garage

Working to get a thing done
though the brain be fogged
          and lagged 
   and strapped to
   its outcomes
         waiting on emails
         checking BoingBoing
in the interim

Struggle to make
       a mark
       with pen, pencil, voice, body,
keyboard, finger, breath 
                     with intention
make the mark.

Random lines from my bookshelf:

We are totally committed:

                          ...not a minute too soon. Walls
of green jasper, columns of syenite, fountain inlaid with
crystal and jade. Fish, tortoise, octopus,
pearly marble Baby on a travertine shell.


--Philip Whalen, "EARTH (See Figure 2.)," The Collected Poems of Philip Whalen