Tuesday, 1/22/2013

Big box university; the big bad
MOOC is coming   what's the metaphor

is just walking in the door
                   opening a book

Is JSTOR for storage or in fact a store
with a token
              for specialness

Who hangs himself for knowledge

or despair
or vengeance    anyway

?  I want a shelf in your cubby. A MYshelf
in your MYstor.

                     something to do with this
film? With Edward Norton in cornrows, and the
sound of a fly buzzing on the sill. Someone
stuffing rags in the basement; lights it
on fire

Random lines from my bookshelf:

As long as the world has content and humans have bodies, I've got
money to burn, which is to say I have a self writing between dream
and somatic life, torn apart in the pull between the desire and reason...

---Stephen Ellis, "The Blue Veined Murals of Embodied Levity," in Black Spring (2004)