Thursday 1/24/2013

a dream about choice when there is no choice
          or either choice
          gets you trouble
          like opening the car door
          as you sink into a lake

yet there are consolations
          in the waking world
          pad thai, crispy tofu
          a loved one, a poem's line 

in mid winter
          and all that implies
          i pretend it's spring cleaning
          rid myself of pasts
          keep what i want to keep

listen to susie ibarra's "Dialects"
          edit the theme for
          a journal (end of empire?
          how does that sound;
          repetition, variation)

irritated by my penchant to try 
          to get the verb tense right
          correct  correct  correct
          This shape is not unlike

the long "kunnngg" of the kulintang
          followed by a short kung
          repeated two or three times
          in a line...

          kung kun kung
          kung kun kung
          kung kun kung

elaboration, "talking," think-
          ing, wandering; wood
          mallet, muted, thokkt and kung'd
          sneaky. THOK

Random lines from my bookshelf:

A book of syllables. The meaning and comments of each syllable rendered in alphabetical order. No
complete word can be used in these explanations and in its totality no reference is going to be made of
Olson's infatuation with [missing]

---Heriberto Yepez, from "An Encyclopedia of Lost Thoughs" (a novel) in Babellebab