saturday 1/26/2013

"Stakeland" lingered in dream
but no vampires or berserkers; instead

wandering through neighborhoods and
over rooftops, faint piano music and

hopeful apocalypse, melting to
rawr of chainsaws cutting the old
oaks in the field. Let it be just
for the health of the tree, not

to clear a view.

            now the field is littered
            with branches, feed for the goats
            who love their oak leaves and nettles

love something thorny
to ruminate
              you put an ambient track
                 on the iPod, slowing down,
                 measuring  out  heart  beats

this winter's mostly lacking
in social stimulation
               ---looking out
a lot, going out only 
to walk in the woods,
sit in a cafe, or buy
groceries; work at home
in PJs, 
    --the telecommuter's down-
    at heel condition, bit of 
           a joke, a cartoon.

Could easily stir things up
but    it comes soon enough that
   mental weather    without my bidding

Random lines from online:

We are entering a logical blizzard he says. For a time, we will be unable to see anything in front of our eyes. For a time, we will feel quite lost, quite wretched. 

But then, he says, we will come to the eye of the storm, the logical storm, he says. Everything will become clear, he says. Everything will become still.
Logic: do we understand how terribly calm logic is, the heart of logic? Do we understand that true peace is really logical peace? 

---Lars Iyer, "Wittgenstein, Jr."

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