Monday 1/28/2013

                       I wake up
recalling our conversation: the monkey god she painted
"oh you're breaking the myth"
        I said, but thought "and getting paid
for it"     with such artistry too
it's the small fluorishes that mark 

Boyle's life without money
   his rocket stove    and Suelo's cave
as I don the work costume
from my dream, a blue hoodie
with small blue bear ears

           ambient track plays a gangsa,
           a brief pattong
           before trancing out

the rest was parsing 
the hours, work        coffee

           ending after midnight
I remove the hood
and become 

Random lines from my bookshelf:            

He is lost in this part of time and does not know
where to look for Rizal. He sneaks
into the Metropolitan Opera House
where they're performing Tchaikovsky's new
Swan Lake but he can't spot a brown face
in the crowd with his opera glasses. He takes
the no. 4 steam streetcar to the Brooklyn Bridge,
walks to the apex of the span
and shouts Rizal! Rizal! Donde estás!

Nick Carbo, "Ang Tunay na Lalaki Goes Back in Time to May 1888," Secret Asian Man