Tuesday 1/29/2013

Up for consideration are "A" and "The" and the digestive
processes of owls, goats, humans, hawks, and termites
as well as the life and digestion of the artist

for as you know, digestion is the most direct form
of communication with those unseen colonizing forces 
within, the fermenting flora of color and language
that tickles your brain   from down there
   to secrete digestive dreams
           but more, they make of you
a channel, a pipeline for crude
& various grades or acts of imagination   

yeasty radia
                the artist is forewarned: do not
disregard the brooding population within!

feed them wine, butter, cheese, sauerkraut,
chocolate, and a daily dose of random lines
and sausage links, and water--lots of water

           grow large, breach the national
defense boundaries
haul your friendly fungi around in a pouch,
be good to them; they will be good to you
speak to them

for when the doctor senses death is near
she will first listen to your gut
           are they speaking
           do they still have anything
           to say? If not, 

you are dead, man. A goner.

Random Lines from my Bookshelf:

The Moment a limit is posited
it is overstepped, and that
against which the limit was
established is absorbed.

--Theodor Adorno, qtd. in "IV," Rocks on a Platter, by Barbara Guest

Note: the blog header posted for today is from a mural in the Haight-Ashbury neighborhood of San Francisco.