Wednesday, 1/30/2013

everything off or slightly askew
all day long, but only a bit, as
for example, the heater's on/off
on for the moment, on its own

the dropped cup, whispered 
complaint, too bright smile

or the overheard conversation, the
stranger's anxious impulse to be 
agreeable again and again and

Random lines from my bookshelf:

CREPUSCULAR: The dilemma of belonging. What of that has to do
with things exterior to us and what of it has to do with our own regard 
of exteriors and interiors? Having heard them speak of seeking by way
of translucence we tried to understand different ways of positioning.
Thought perhaps a number might be capable of emancipating us. We
counted all of the parts that exuded from the gyre. It was not until later
that we understood that counting, for us, would always be secondary to

j/j hastain, "Ephemeral Alleles More Than   Alleged
        or   Invented Organs as Allies," in
the relational elations of 
ORPHANED ALGEBRA, with Eileen R. Tabios