Friday, 2/1/2013

Day: "Not considered to be related to Latin 
dies (see diurnal), but rather 
to Sanskrit dah 'to burn.'"* And so the day

flicked off 
like this 
too easy

      the hard waking, the hot tea
      small decisions that are not
      decisions at all, but the
      habit of days 
                     only partially

burned off, the rest
as dreams return
before the next
         turning again to face
         and again

and sometimes grateful
turning away, and slumber
is a kind of burning

Random lines from online:

I'm often premising while promising,
thus reining in the urge to burst with
close reading, disguised
as infant observation.

---Sheila E. Murphy, excerpt from "Life's Work," in Otoliths, issue twenty-eight, southern summer 2013

* Oxford Online Etymology