Perihelion: A Journal of Poetry — End of Empire


The next issue of Perihelion: A Journal of Poetry is accepting submissions for their next issue. The theme is “End of Empire.” For submission guidelines click HERE.

We welcome poems that explore and enlarge upon issues related to empire, its continuance or ends, legacies, and possible transformations. Topics or tropes might include: migration, war and violence, empire and language, “the sixties,” revolution, apocalypse, restoration and reconciliation (a fantasy?), gender and empire, indigenous activism, the environment, technology and empire, the economy, and the future. This issue welcomes transnational writers—dual citizenship, bi- or tri-lingual, migrant workers and exiles—writing from the peripheries of empire, as well as writers taking up the theme of effects of US-Euro collapse from inside the remnants of empire. Poems in languages other than English are welcome (but please provide a translation, which will be published too, and a credit for the translator).

Editors: Dion Farquhar and James Maughn
Editor-at-large: Jean Vengua
Submissions Editor: M.A. Fink
Publisher: Michael Neff