Saturday 2/2/2013

Because "house" means something 
different to me now. Because "family" expands 
and contracts, and "home" refuses to keep
      to its staid domestic
borders. And nation is an archaism, like man 
and woman, we keep hammering down
                      with bodies. Looking
for something else
                     perhaps was here, was there
in the funny papers
or is here now
                in a pdf, dvd, or rtf
or a long-held breath

Anyway, we traveled 

Not-so-random lines from online:

And for those of us who continue on the path of the imaginary
co-body, the body of the poem, the story, the essay, the body,
the text---the body is transformed into the replacement-body.
I do not want to live here I want to live in language. The word
is the island where I am moving to. The text will become the
history of the loss of our body. The text is both the balm and
the poison.

---Heriberto Yepez, excerpt from The Empire of Neomemory