Sunday, 2/3/2013

good humor day is sunday,
    no one to say I can't delete
    and start over again,

a poem. The day itself
or most of it, is done; the walk
at Manzanita, not too far
      thinking these tangled red boughs
      were once (and still) impenetrable scrub
      forest   to dazed missionaries
                         Picked up a chunk
of hardened pine pitch
to deodorize the car
saw one amanita
          and a polypore
                         not much
more; and two kids pitching
hard ball, going against the football
         "go 'Niners," etc.
"go go go" 
         that line, "closing time"
     running through my head
     maybe it started in Vertigo,

the cafe. The song itself
I wrote about and then deleted
asked a question -- if something
      was enough. I forgot the rest.