Thursday, 2/7/2013

Seemed like sunlight through
   the window, but gone soon enough

no apocalyptic blizzard here, but
more rain.

           We were having a good day
a Mocha Bianca kind of day with
whipped cream on top
              a piece of carrot cake
              with walnuts, pineapple

and the postal service won't
be eliminating all house deliveries
after all---just Saturday
deliveries. Because they're
broke too
      I heard it on NPR

The rejection came via email
of course. Good, I'm thinking,
I can be someone else now,
jump through my own hoops

it's what you say to yourself
when these things happen

Dinner was salad and pot-stickers
always a favorite. The film was Artois
the Goat, and the hero dies
and rises again, the way he's
supposed to -- with the cheese.

I'm sorry about the spoiler,
but some things have priority--
poems, for instance. Really,
though, you'd suss it out in
the first 15 minutes.

I know, it's bad
manners. But what
do you expect
from a poet.

Random lines from my bookshelf:


     To roam about without fixed direction.
     To wander from company, restraint,
     or proper limits.

     A domestic animal, a person or thing
     that strays.

     Occuring at random or sporadically.

---Claire Kageyama-Ramakrishnan, from 
"Feline Reasoning" in Shadow Mountain.