Saturday 2/9/2013

The sun is shining! Heading off
to Waste Management to scavenge used
canvasses, drop off printer cartridges

as i consider the likeness of jackfruit
and jack 'o lantern fungi
   to the likeness of these 
       o so human bodies, soft armour

. . .

Waste Management overcharges
for used canvasses; tempted
by an impasto painting of
snowbound men conquering 
    the Arctic with a flag, but
looking lost, beset by ice 
splinters; but not $15 dollars please it's
the canvas I want

    did better at Goodwill
    2 for $5
           then the Asian Pacific
           market for bitter melon, bok choy
           shrimp chips, Pocky; perused the turnips,
           cherimoya, guavas, and papayas too

Didn't think I'd finish this tonight (today)
with this headache

     Not caring very much if this is
          a poem or not, and yet
          I adjust lines, delete
                                 a word,
a comma

Maybe it was all that pounding of iron
in Jade Warrior tonight, the Kalevala gone all Wushu
   (forge that Sampu, dammit!) our hero
   unlucky in love 

as unlucky as those acupunctured arctic
explorers, memorialized in Waste
                I'm crocheting a shawl, keeping time:
                counting single crochets: loop, 2, 3
                and doubles: loop, 2, 3, 4, over and over
                to the tune of REM's Mad World
                       entirely in my head
                (ah, the headache)

Random lines from my bookshelf:

An empty book is
written. It is
a mind
you put into my hands
without knowing.

--Barry Schwabsky, "Deep Instructions," Opera