Monday, 2/11/2013

a day passes
news, abdications
(now the jokes begin)
         bodily functions
dry eyes

"likes" from people who do not
read me 

a question arises
       is answered
       sometimes adequately

I could be ronin,
losing all masters

or, some say
language trips me

both ways

Random lines from my bookshelf:

TUH is over, so to speak, but far from done with.
The galleys have arrived, and Mr. Earbrass goes over
them with mingled excitement and disgust. It all
looks so different set up in type that at first he
thought they had sent him the wrong ones by mis-
take. He is quite giddy from trying to physically
control the sheets and at the same time keep the
amount of absolutely necessary changes within the
allowed pecuniary limits.

Edward Gorey, Mr. Earbrass Writes a Novel