Tuesday, 2/12/2013

If only a raft a zeppelin 
of tears would float by
to moisten my eyes

   then I could stand against
       plowed up dust, molecules
       of Roundup, dead bees
       even ordinary sea salt

wind, and no one could
prescribe for my life
          no daily adjutant
of the frontal lobes
worn bone surfaces

But then I'd be infallible,
and we can't have that
can we
        No live-forever
    or powders
       in this day and age
       of hope for replacement parts

but there are petunias

Random lines from my bookshelf:

Of course, to people possessed of jealous and suspicious
intelligence, any aspect, any manifestation of the
romantic is damnable. And to those who are imbued with a
deep love of the practical and brutish facts of life,
any sign of the "flowery" is irritating.

---Gregory S. San Diego, "Romantic, Flowery and What?"
Philippines Mail, 193_