Wednesday, 2/13/2013

woke up wrong
head wrong
stomach wrong

     gold piece in my
     hand etched with 
     "natural" rivulets 
     of a wisdom tooth

maybe the tooth fairy...

no toothache though, the eyes
have it

      I think it the harbinger of a snake
      shedding its skin

and the question (millionth time), how to get through?
and the answer (millionth time, stupid), you just do.

this diurnal
                count as evidence      herein


or anyway, in this place. 
Later, having survived;
finished work, washed dishes,
ate dinner, watched a PBS
show on the upstart crow

right now I'm writing this as
M. writes over there. Tomorrow
is another Saint's Day. Poor
Valentine, beaten with clubs
and stoned, then beheaded.

Life is good.

Random lines from online:

So FUCK Buddha, I’m Buddha, nobody’s Buddha, quit talking about Buddha, 
Buddha, I prostrate myself, 10,000 prostrations. For I am just returned 
from, I walked the bottom of a swimming pool. You are all sanpaku — fuck
needs fluffed up like a pillow. We had to put away my elephant. There’s a
new kind of suburban armored vehicle coming out. Then I’m all, “What kind
of demon place is this, I just want my elephant!!”

---John Bloomberg-Rissman, "In the House of the Hangman 1229 & 1230," Zeitgeist Spam